The New Window Color!

I have been working on restoring my first window for a bit now. It is hopefully the first of many as I plan to eventually restore them all. I recently had the project on hold for a bit, however, because I needed to decide what color to paint the outside sash and trim. This was a big decision as it will have a huge effect on the appearance and curb appeal of our house. You can see in the image below that the windows and trim (and all the limestone, yikes!) are painted white. While white is a classic choice I just don’t feel that it represents the direction that I want to go. I want a color that will be a sophisticated and modern take on a timeless look. Something that will differentiate the house from the rest of the homes on the street while still being aware and respectful of the context and history of the neighborhood.


How it looks currently

I was originally inspired by an image that I saw on Apartment Therapy of Abigail Ahern’s townhouse in East London (She is currently one of my favorite designers). I love the dark grey and how it feels daring and yet restrained against the brown brick. It doesn’t shout, “look at me,” and yet you can’t help but take a second glance. I wanted to evoke a similar experience with our home.


After pouring over my paint decks I narrowed it down to just a few options. The first was Sherwin Williams’ Sealskin, a dark grey with warmish undertones which I already love on the walls in our upstairs hall. The second was Sherwin Williams’ Mount Etna, which is of a similar tone as the Sealskin but has a strong blue hue to it. Lastly was Farrow & Ball’s Black Blue, which is a bit darker that the other two and again has a relatively blue hue.

While I really liked all three options I decided, in the end, to go with Black Blue. At first glance it reads as a cool dark grey, but once you look at it next to the red-brown brick the shades of blue begin to reveal themselves. It is a dynamic color that I don’t see myself getting bored with and is timeless to the point where one might even think it to be original. Another thought that I had was that it will contrast the least with the storm windows that I want to put up in the future. As I go through and restore the windows I also plan to replace the storms on all of them. Enameled storms come in a limited palette and I will most likely just go with black. The Blue Black is dark enough to where they won’t stand out in any dramatic way.

Once I put the first coat on the sash I knew I made the right decision. While it isn’t in the same light that it will be in once outside, you can still get an idea of how it looks.


Sash painted in Black Blue

I still have a long road ahead of me with these windows, but I am excited to see how it all turns out once finished. I would like to eventually strip all the decorative limestone and columns on the front of the house, but the windows, wood panels below them on the first floor, and the area behind the columns will all be painted this seductive shade of blue. I will be sure to share more pictures once I have them. What do you think of the color? Let me know what you would have done.

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