New Sofa Time!

I had been saving up for a bit and it was finally time. This past weekend J, A, and I put on our comfy shoes, dressed in appropriate layers, piled into the Danger Ranger and made the trek to our local Ikea. It isn’t really that far (just half an hour away) but going to Ikea always feels like embarking on a journey of self discipline. There are many victories but you always end up regretting a couple of things that make it into your cart. It is shocking how much you can end up spending there. We were not, however, going just to go. We were going to get the sofa-bed for the den that I had been wanting.

We had always been unhappy with the furniture situation in the den. We had one long sofa in there and a couple lounge chairs (one of them is heated and has vibrating massage, it is pretty sweet). J and I would have a hard time being comfortable on the sofa together; J had this habit of expanding like those long skinny balloons that they make the animals out of until I was pushed into the corner with my knees up against my chest. There was also no practical way that more than three people could watch a movie or show in there together. The solution that I saw to this issue was getting us a nice sectional with a chaise. They had the perfect one at Ikea.

Once we made it to at Ikea we headed straight to the clearance section. I make a habit of hitting this area first. It had happened more than once where after spending half a day wandering through the store I finally made it down there to find the exact thing that I went to the store for to begin with, and someone else was in the process of purchasing it. I am not going to let that happen again. We did a quick once-over and there was no sofa bed. We then headed upstairs to hit up the cafeteria. The cafeteria is for some reason one of my favorite things about going to Ikea. I don’t know if it is because I am so damn hungry from not eating yet in anticipation of the food or if it is really that good. The meatballs, the salmon, ugh, and that chocolate mousse cake. If we lived closer I could live on it.

Once sufficiently carbed up we made our way over to the sofa section. There it was, the Friheten sofa that I had been wanting for the past couple months. It was my first time really seeing it and person and testing it out. I was actually really impressed with how easy it was to pull out into a bed. I had a mini crisis when I saw them all in person though. I had already decided to get it in the dark gray, but once in the store I really liked the dark brown as well. I hadn’t even considered the brown before and needed to step back and make sure I was making the right decision. I ended up doing what I often do and called up my mom to help me talk through it. She confirmed my original decision to go with the gray. She was right, we have so much brown already in all the wood in the house. The gray looks nice against it instead of competing with it. Confident that I had made up my mind we spent the next four hours checking out all the other wonders that Ikea has to offer.

J and A chilling on the sofa.

After getting everything home we had a relatively simple time getting it set up. I then spent the rest of the evening trying out different rug and table combinations until I settled on something I was happy with. I ended up using that silk rug that I had picked up at the Indian Village garage sales (which, by the way, cleaned up beautifully) and a small table that J and I made from cardboard like eight years ago or something crazy like that. I can’t believe we have been married that long.

The pull out bed is definitely going to come in handy around the holidays when we will be having friends and family staying with us. However, we discovered that it is also pretty great for just hanging out and watching TV. J and I were sitting with our feet up on the coffee table while A was reclining on the chaise section. I was feeling pretty jealous when I realized, duh, If I pull out the bed section it is like one GIANT chaise.

New sofa in the den.

Another great thing about getting the new sofa is we were able to move the old sofa into the living room. I had scored a giant rug at the salvage warehouse and pulled in our red coffee table and the Eames knockoff as well. While it is not in its final form it will do for now and we can finally use that room.  I am looking forward to breaking in the fireplace that I had invested so much time into stripping.

The living room.

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