September’s Second-hand Shopping Finds

One thing that struck me when moving from a 900sf ranch to a 5,000sf mini-mansion was that the stuff that once filled, furnished, and decorated an entire house barely put a dent in the new space. Everything is so spread out that none of the rooms feel finished and many of them are just straight up empty. In order to rectify this and slowly move into the rest of the house we need things to fill them with making them comfortable, attractive, and feel like home. This is great for me because if there is one thing I love it is bargain hunting!

This past weekend was the annual Indian Village garage sales. Indian Village is an historic district less than a mile from our house with an absolutely amazing collection of beautiful old mansions. The garage sales are a great opportunity to get your hands on some of the great stuff that has been squirreled away in the basements and carriage houses of these great homes. This year did not disappoint.

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