The Sheridan House: First Floor Layout Change Planning and Demo

It has been a rough past month for me in terms of getting things done on the house. Unfortunately my grandmother passed recently. She was in her nineties and her health had been declining for some time. She had lived a long and full life; she raised a family of seven, watched her grandchildren grow up, and even got to meet many great-grandchildren. She had a career as a nurse caring for the elderly and later volunteered with hospice. She even found love after the passing of her first husband, my grandpa, and married again at 83. While it is sad that she is gone, she enjoyed the long full life, complete with its struggles, that many of us hope for.

With the funeral we had a lot of family in from out of town and even the pleasure of hosting some cousins at our place for a couple days. This meant at least three days of furiously cleaning the house, which I had been neglecting for some time. Thank goodness my mom came out and helped because, otherwise, I am not sure I would have been able to get it all done. Despite the circumstances, it was really wonderful to see everyone. We had a great time catching up and seeing some folks we hadn't seen in ages. The following week things calmed down a bit, but as an introvert, I was left feeling entirely depleted. Then, sure enough, I came down with a sinus infection, which has morphed into a cold, and now here I am a boogery, feeling sorry for myself, mess.

While I haven't been feeling up to par and have thus done jack-shit on the Sheridan house, J was able to start a pretty big phase of the project.

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Two Month Update Demolition and Planning on the Sheridan House

It has been two months now since we closed on the Sheridan house. Our biggest priorities at the beginning were to secure the property, clear the lot, get the power turned on, get heat, get running water, install a security system, and complete a majority of the required demolition. We are still working on getting water, but, all things considered I think we are doing alright. The holiday season was a bit of a distraction, we both (like everyone else I hear) were sick for a bit, and working in the bitter cold has been rather demoralizing. With January more than half way through the worst should be behind us though, right?

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Our New Adventure Introducing the Sheridan House

It is hard to believe that J and I have had our home here in Detroit for over four years now. While we have been slowly chipping away at things I definitely wish things could go a bit more quickly. With J's work and school schedule it has been hard to apply the required time and money to a space that we are also currently residing in. I am hesitant to start a lot of things because it will disrupt the spaces we are living in and I often end up waiting on J to finish certain things before I can continue with a project. I have been craving something that I can go all in on and not be held back by constraints that are beyond my control.

In addition to looking for a full time project, we are also looking to further invest in our area. We weren't necessarily looking to land in this specific part of town when we first decided to move to the city. Fate took us here in the end. Since then I have grown to love this side of town and have been watching with excitement as new businesses come in, the city invests in infrastructure, and resident fix up their properties. Things have been moving in a positive direction and we wanted to continue to be a part of that.

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