The Sheridan House: First Floor Layout Change Planning and Demo

It has been a rough past month for me in terms of getting things done on the house. Unfortunately my grandmother passed recently. She was in her nineties and her health had been declining for some time. She had lived a long and full life; she raised a family of seven, watched her grandchildren grow up, and even got to meet many great-grandchildren. She had a career as a nurse caring for the elderly and later volunteered with hospice. She even found love after the passing of her first husband, my grandpa, and married again at 83. While it is sad that she is gone, she enjoyed the long full life, complete with its struggles, that many of us hope for.

With the funeral we had a lot of family in from out of town and even the pleasure of hosting some cousins at our place for a couple days. This meant at least three days of furiously cleaning the house, which I had been neglecting for some time. Thank goodness my mom came out and helped because, otherwise, I am not sure I would have been able to get it all done. Despite the circumstances, it was really wonderful to see everyone. We had a great time catching up and seeing some folks we hadn't seen in ages. The following week things calmed down a bit, but as an introvert, I was left feeling entirely depleted. Then, sure enough, I came down with a sinus infection, which has morphed into a cold, and now here I am a boogery, feeling sorry for myself, mess.

While I haven't been feeling up to par and have thus done jack-shit on the Sheridan house, J was able to start a pretty big phase of the project.

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A Dark & Moody Third Floor Hideaway

Whenever we show someone around that has never been to our house before their favorite room always seems to be the guest bedroom up on the 3rd floor. I totally get it, you go up the back stairs and at the top are greeted by the sunlight pouring in through the skylight on the landing and then turn into the door to find this cozy little hideaway of a room. The ceiling is low and, part of the room being inside a dormer, not much of it is even flat. The two side-by-side windows peek out into the tree tops. It is the kind of room that makes you look forward to rainy days so you can cozy up and get into a good book while listening to the rain tapping on the skylight.

We assume that the room was originally for a live-in maid or servant of some sort. I feel bad for whoever had to live up there before window AC units were invented though because, boy, does it get hot up there in the summer. In the winter it is cold but is still usable with the assistance of a space heater and heated mattress pad. Despite the rooms shortcomings, however, it is still absolutely charming.

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My Bedroom Refresh

I had been having trouble getting motivated to work on the house recently. It was feeling like a futile effort. None of the rooms in this place were feeling done (well, at least done enough). I would look at each room and think, "Someday". Someday we will get the right furniture for this space. Someday we will fix the ceiling in this room. Someday we will get around to refinishing these floors. Someday we will get this bathroom working. I could go on and on. But I needed a room that I could feel good about NOW.

One of the rooms that was really getting me down was our bedroom. It felt like I had randomly just thrown things in there because that is what we had, not because it was what I wanted. I didn't like where the bed was, the artwork felt out of place, I couldn't tolerate the curtains, and overall nothing tied together in any cohesive way. I had to do something about it.

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